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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • All Cairns Taipans memberships purchased will be automatically enrolled into the Cairns Taipans Rollover Plan unless the member opts out of such enrolment at time of purchasing the membership. Further information on the Cairns Taipans Rollover Plan is available in the ‘Cairns Taipans Rollover Plan’ section of these terms and conditions. Should an equivalent membership not be available in the following season the member will be notified of new membership packages?
  • Any member that requests for a refund will need to contact Taipans HQ and a 20% non-refundable deposit of that membership will be held.
  • All prices include GST and any applicable NBL fees or levies.
  • Members should be aware that Queensland legislation prohibits the resale of tickets at the Cairns Convention Centre.
  • By purchasing a membership, you agree to be added to Cairns Taipans electronic database and to receive information relating to Cairns Taipans. You may be contacted by Cairns Taipans regarding any services, offers or special promotions that are associated with, endorsed or approved by Cairns Taipans. Furthermore, you agree for Cairns Taipans to disclose your information to third parties associated with Cairns Taipans so they can contact you about their services, offers or special promotions. Should you not wish to receive any of this information, you must opt out at the time of purchasing the membership or notify Cairns Taipans in writing via either post or email where you must specify whether you want to cease receiving information from Cairns Taipans and/or any third parties associated with Cairns Taipans.
  • Members are required to notify Cairns Taipans of any change in circumstances, including member contact details, or any relevant information that could affect their membership with Cairns Taipans.
  • Cairns Taipans reserves the right to cancel a membership without a refund where a member breaches these terms and conditions or Cairns Taipans and The Cairns Convention Centre Code of Conduct.
  • Cairns Taipans reserves the right to refuse an application for membership.

Member Behaviour

1. Cairns Taipans is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, enjoyable and family-friendly environment for all Club members and spectators. Accordingly, members and persons accompanying a member must not act inappropriately (for example by making undue noise, being intoxicated, causing a disturbance or behaving in an offensive manner) at Cairns Taipans events.

2. Cairns Taipans reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership of any member who acts inappropriately at a Cairns Taipans events. If a membership is suspended or cancelled, the member will not be entitled to compensation or a refund.

3. Cairns Taipans reserves the right to decide what amounts to inappropriate behaviour in its sole discretion.

4. Any person using a membership, regardless of whether they purchased the membership themselves must not act inappropriately.

Seating Info

  • Renewing members have up until the Early Bird cut-off date 31st March to secure their current seats. If a member does not renew by this date their seats will be released for any new member to purchase.
  • If a member is not satisfied with the location of their season seats, they should inform Taipans HQ prior to the 4th home game of the season. Taipans will charge a replacement/admin fee to relocate the member and reprint of tickets.
  • A member, who wishes to upgrade an existing season child ticket to an adult ticket for a single game, must make the request prior to the particular performance. This procedure can only be performed at Taipans HQ, 127 Anderson Street. Under NO circumstance can this upgrade be processed at The Cairns Convention Centre. Taipans reserve the right to charge a replacement fee per ticket upgraded.

Cairns Taipans Roll Over Plan

1. The Cairns Taipans Rollover Plan rolls over your membership each year for the following season. Payments are applied in the same method as when the member originally signed up.

2. By committing to a Cairns Taipans Membership and the Rollover Plan, you authorise Cairns Taipans to arrange a transfer of funds from your nominated credit or debit card for the amount applicable to your membership type. Members can select for payments to be deducted either in full or across 7 monthly payments. For payment methods other than credit card, the member will need to contact Taipans HQ to organise payment. Additional fees (including credit card fees) may apply.

3. Members will be notified in writing should there be price changes or major inclusion changes to their membership from season to season at least 14 days prior to their membership rolling over.

4. Members can request to be taken off the automatic rollover by written request. Requests can be emailed to or posted to Taipans HQ 127 Anderson Street, Manunda, QLD 4870.

Payment Plan

1. Members may choose to pay for memberships by paying in instalments.

2. By agreeing to pay for membership via Cairns Taipans Payment Plans, you authorise Cairns Taipans, or associated third parties, to debit from your nominated Credit Card or Debit Account as set out in your membership application form. Additional fees (including credit card fees) may apply.

3. Unless stated otherwise, the first instalment will be withdrawn after receiving a member's application with further payments on the 10th of each following month. If the payment date falls on a weekend or a Queensland public holiday, we will process the payment on the next business day.

4. 7 Month Plan - 7 monthly payments are offered for each membership year, from March to September 2017. The monthly payment will be the membership cost divided by 7 with an additional 4% third party fee.

6. Memberships purchased after the first home game will not be sold on a pro-rata basis.

Confidentially & Privacy

  • We will keep your account and other financial institution details confidential. However, we may disclose these details:
    • If you consent in writing; or
    • To the extent required by law; or
    • For the purpose of this Agreement, for example, in relation to a payment dispute.
  • Cairns Taipans is careful to protect the privacy of any personal information you supply. Cairns Taipans complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and will only use your information for the express purposes contained in this Agreement.
  • To see the NBL's privacy policy of which Cairns Taipans abides by, please contact the NBL or click here.

Right to amend Terms and Conditions

1. Cairns Taipans reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time in its absolute discretion including, but not limited to, creating additional membership categories. Members will be notified with 14 days of any change to these Terms and Conditions.

Further Information

  • For further information please contact the Taipans HQ at